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Guru Cab Services

The Gurucab Taxi service is a licensed, metered taxi operation and is governed by the fares prescribed by the Department of Transportation for your city. The digital tamper-proof meter on board and the printed receipt that we provide ensures that you, the passenger, pay strictly in line with the prescribed fare structure and no more!

You can also send an email booking to our online booking specialists at and one of our customer service executives will call you to take details of your requirements.

And you can always just HAIL GURU! Signal a passing Meru- If it is not occupied or traveling to another assigned fare, we will be happy to take you wherever you want to go!

Gurucab provides the fastest, safest way to travel around town. Whether you're looking for a large vehicle to transport multiple passengers or a personal cab to get to the airport, we can help!

» Alameda Airport Pickup
» School Pickup
» Large Package Delivery
» Family Services
» 24/7 Transportation Service
» Business Conferences
» Special Discount on Delivery
» Quality Customer Service